Eating for Two; How Much Should I Eat During Pregnancy?

How much more to eat during each trimester of pregnancy

Now that we have covered the most important foods for pregnancy, you’re wondering how much do you need to eat to grow a healthy baby. And, of course, how much should you worry about gaining too much or too little weight.

We're probably not the first to break the news that you're not exactly eating for two. We say, 'not exactly', because we're not recommending ordering two entrees when you’re out to eat.

However, when thinking about getting the nutrients needed for you and baby to thrive, we do recommend 'nourishing for two'.

Rather than eating for two, think nourishing for two.

In our online Pregnancy Program or when working with you one-on-one, we don’t give you calorie counts for each trimester. Why not?

Because you deserve more.

From proteins like collagen to micronutrients like choline, your body’s demand for many nutrient can nearly double during pregnancy. Yes, the additional nutrients are needed for fetal development, but they’re also for you - to keep you physically & mentally energized and to prevent over-depletion come postpartum.

We could give you some calorie goals, but that's not what's really going to help you listen to your body’s signals about what you need or achieve optimal health.

This is why, in our Pregnancy Program and in our one-on-one coaching, what we do give you is the structure for meal planning and the tools for trusting your body, along with super nutrient-dense recipes to make sure you and your sweet baby-to-be get everything you need to thrive.

Dive in and get everything you need to know here.

Because you were made for this!


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