Throw your perfume out the window! Three steps to protect your hormones before & during pregnancy

How to improve your hormone balance

As women, we often think of hormones as our enemy. If we're an irritable, pimply, chocolate-monster each month around our cycle, we blame it on our hormones. Hormonal imbalances also take the blame for many women's struggles with infertility. 

It does not have to be this way. 

There's a lot you can do to make your hormones work for you, rather than against you. The first of which, is keeping your blood sugar levels stable through balanced eating (work with us to learn how). The next step is to reduce your exposure to endocrine disruptors.

protect your hormones from endocrine disruptors

Your endocrine system (aka your hormones), is highly sensitive to environmental toxins. These endocrine disruptors are ubiquitous. They're lurking in cleaning products, makeup, pesticides on your food... even in the pollution in the air you breath. Frighteningly, these toxins can make it harder to conceive and if you're already pregnant, they can increase the risk of reproductive abnormalities in your baby-to-be. 

We hear your overwhelm. Seems like everything these days is toxic, from cell phones to beloved diet coke.

Take a belly breath and shake it off. We break it down for you into a few, simple steps to keep you and that sweet baby-to-be safe. You will find a full list of recommended actions to eliminate endocrine disruptors in our Prepare for Pregnancy Program. For now, we want to focus on reducing your exposure to endocrine disrupting air pollution. 

clean the air in your home to remove endocrine disruptors for pregnancy

Clear the air

We're not asking you to single-handedly remove smog from the planet. However, your home environment is your domain, and the quality of the air in your home matters. You can remove toxic chemicals from the air in your home to keep your hormones in balance, safeguard your fertility and protect your baby-to-be. Here's how: 

1. THROW OUT YOUR PERFUME. Synthetic fragrances contain a plasticizer called phthalates. Watchdog groups like the Environmental Working Group and the NIHS recommend avoiding them due to possible linkages to reproductive abnormalities in newborns.

»» Solution: Instead of chemical-laden air fresheners or perfumes, use essential oils for yourself and an essential oil diffuser for your home. (Take a deeper dive into this topic with these resources from the NIH).

»» Savvy shopper: Unfortunately, manufacturers make phthalates tricky to avoid by not naming them explicitly on labels. To be safe, avoid any sprays (air fresheners, hairspray, spot removers, surface cleaners, perfumes, etc.) with these ingredients: phthalates, DEP, DBP, DEHP or fragrance.

2. CLEAN YOUR CLEANERS: Manufacturers are not required to do safety testing on the ingredients in cleaners (yikes!). Products that we love for whitening, polishing & scrubbing can also leave behind toxic residues.

»» Solution*: Look for MadeSafe certified products, or stick to trusted brands like Meliora, EcoMe, BioKleen or CleanWell.

»» Super solution: Go full on Little House on the Prairie and make your own cleaners. Check out this how-to guide: Organically Clean Home. It's often as simple as baking soda & lemon.

3. DECORATE WITH HOUSEPLANTS. Grow green things in your home. They're beautiful and they clean the air. Check out NASA's seven best plants for indoor air purification.

Now, you can breathe easy, because the air is cleared and you are in control of your hormones.

You were made for this!



PS Want more tips for how to remove endocrine disruptors from your makeup, your food and your household products? It's all detailed for you in the Prepare for Pregnancy Program


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