Easy Ways to Stress-Less for Improved Fertility

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If there's one thing in life that stirs up fears and anxieties, it's thinking about making a baby. No doubt, there is a lot to think about, from 'can we afford this new human?' to 'how do I know if or when I'm fertile?' 

Whether preparing for pregnancy is still just an inkling in your imagination or you've been at it for awhile, the whole thing is a lot of pressure. 

The cherry on top is that we're told we shouldn't stress. As if it were that easy. As if there were some kind of stress/relax switch we could flip on and off. 

If you're trying to conceive, the reality is, stress can make it harder to get the job done. Not only is it a struggle to get in the mood when you're under pressure, but the stress hormones, like cortisol and epinephrine, shunt energy away from your reproductive system. Unfortunately, we can't wipe away your worries.

We can help you make peace with the stress.

We'll start by pointing out that all those worries are a part of having a life you love. You stress because you care. You care about your health, your work, your current and future-family.

You care enough that it's worth your mental energy. 

We offer this reminder to nip in the bud any stress about stress itself. Stress is an inevitable part of a meaningful life. No need to beat yourself about it. There's also no need to make a big to-do and get yourself in a tailspin about how to fit in a 90-minute yoga class.

Relaxation is your natural state. Trust that you were made for this, and keep it simple. Here are four steps to make it all feel more manageable. 

Stress reduction techniques for new moms or trying to conceive

four ways to relax into parenthood: 

1. Smell the lavender.

If you're into essential oils, you know that lavender is naturally calming. To reap the benefits, simply seep dried lavender flowers in hot water for a soothing tea, or wear lavender oil like a perfume and take deep, nourishing breaths whenever the spirit moves you. 

Better yet, indulge in some relaxation with our 5-minute Lavender-Vanilla Nice Cream recipe. 

2. Take an 8-4-4

Here's a simple breathing technique you can do anytime, anywhere, starting with a long, slow exhale to a count of eight. Hold at the bottom for a count of four, then inhale for a count of four, then hold at the top for a count of four. Repeat by exhaling to an eight count. Continue for at least three cycles of breath. If you're in a place where you won't feel like a weirdo, close your eyes, rest one hand on your belly and the other on your heart. 

3. Move to feel good. 

Although some exercise is indisputably beneficial for your body and your spirit, and a proven stress-management tool, overdoing it can cause inflammation and cortisol overload.

The trick is finding the sweet spot in which movement feels energizing rather than depleting. 

There is not a 'best' type of exercise. We recommend including strength, cardio and flexibility in whatever form and combination you enjoy the most. Whatever you choose, it should make you feel like your best self. 

4. Indulge in nourishment. 

Far too often overlooked is that stress, from a health and fertility perspective, is not just a mental/emotional issue. Your body can be in a state of physical stress caused by chronic, sub-clinical nutrient deficiencies. The solution, is delicious; eating nutrient-dense foods that you love. 

(If you want the peace of mind that your nutrient stores are bountiful enough to make a healthy baby, we can help you with micronutrient testing.)

If you just can't wait to get healthful, nourishing food on your plate, we offer two-weeks of meals all planned out for you, including shopping lists and recipes, in the Alavita Prepare for Pregnancy Program

See for yourself how good it feels. 

You were made for this!



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