Collagen: What's the hype?

Collagen protein smoothies

You have probably heard a lot of hype in the wellness world about collagen. From bone broth to collagen protein smoothies, collagen is popping up everywhere. We aren't much for fad diets, but collagen happens to be a particularly important dietary component during the baby-making years. To break it down and keep it simple, below we've outlined the main reasons why collagen is worth the hype.



  • Support for growing belly: Collagen is a structural protein that will allow for expansion of your uterus as baby grows.

  • Meeting glycine needs: Glycine is an amino acid contained in collagen. Glycine can be made by the body, but in certain circumstances (pregnancy), the body's need increase, making it important to include in your diet. Glycine plays a role in infant brain development.



  • Tissue repair and supple skin: Your skin has been stretched to the max during pregnancy. Collagen is the protein that makes your skin supple and, it just so happens, collagen can help you heal and tighten your skin postpartum.

  • Joint care: The last nine months have done a dousy on your ligaments and tendons. Everything has been pushed and pulled and tugged to make room for baby. During pregnancy, your body produces the relaxin hormone to help your pelvis stretch and make room for baby's head, but it also made your joints all loosey-goosey. Postpartum, collagen will help tighten those ligaments back to normal, protecting you from injury.


Simple ways to get it in your diet?


Do you have a favorite recipe that includes collagen? We'd love to hear about it! Tell us in the comments below.