"Morning Sickness" Remedies

Nausea during pregnancy can be brutal. And let's be clear, "morning sickness" does not stick to the hours before noon. You may experience nausea at any point during the day, and for some women, nausea persists all day long.

The American Academy of Family Physicians estimates 75% of women will have some symptoms of nausea and/or vomiting during their pregnancy.  Symptoms usually start around 4-6 weeks gestation and subside after the first trimester. However, for some women, symptoms can persist well into the second trimester. The upside? Nausea can be a good sign of a viable pregnancy if that provides any consolation.

Relief can be hard to find. we've got a few nutritional remedies you can try.

Vitamin B6:

Taking 25 mg of vitamin B6 every 8 hours has been shown to reduce nausea in some pregnant women. 

Ginger Extract:

Studies have shown improvement in nausea with 125-250 mg of ginger root extract in capsule form every 6 hours. Ginger tea can also be helpful, but 8-oz of ginger tea contains only about 25 mg of ginger extract.

Small, frequent meals:

Eating first thing in the morning and every few hours throughout the day can help keep nausea at bay. Including a small snack before bed is also a good idea. 


Bland foods with low aroma can also be helpful. If cooking food makes nausea worse, recruit your partner to help out in the kitchen. This is the perfect time for them to get used to helping fuel you. Pregnancy is just the beginning. Once the little one arrives, you will absolutely need an extra set of hands to feed you while you feed baby.

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