Our Secret to Get Healthy Meals on the Table: Batch Cook, Baby!

How to make healthy eating easy for a family

Hey mama!

Whether you are preparing for pregnancy, baking a bump or already holding your sweet baby, you know that motherhood is a feat no man could handle. Growing another human takes an enormous amount of energy. Food is your fuel and eating well is the secret sauce to having energy.

But how do you fit it in? 

We don't need to tell you that finding time to cook is a challenge. The catch is that you can't fuel-up if nourishing food is not prepped and in the fridge. Active, on-the-go mamas don't have the luxury of "winging-it" if you intend to feed you and your family well. Getting healthy food on the table requires planning ahead. 

So what's a girl to do? Batch cook!

As busy professionals, juggling multiple jobs, growing families, fitness and social lives, we speak from experience.

Batch cooking is how we make it all work.

»» How can I get healthy dinners on the table when I'm exhausted after a packed day?

»» How do I stick to healthy eating through pregnancy cravings, postpartum sleep deprivation or while out and about? 

»» I am so rushed in the morning, how can I find time for breakfast?

The answer to all of these questions: BATCH COOK!

And guess what? We offer a free, complete guide to meal prep and batch cooking. It's called "Healthy Meals Made Easy" and you can download it now by filling out this quick form. 


You were made for this!


P.S. Will you share your tips for meal prep and sticking to your healthy eating goals in the comments below? We love getting to learn from you! 

How to batch cook and prenatal nutrition for pregnancy