Prepare for Postpartum - Fill Your Freezer with Healthy Eats

What to make to prepare your freezer for postpartum

Hey mama!

With my (Anna here) second pregnancy nearing an end, I frequently get asked what I want to do differently this postpartum period. I’ve got a running list, including getting my freezer filled with nourishing eats.

Megan and I have had a unique opportunity to prepare our Postpartum Nutrition Program while expecting and preparing ourselves.

Researching and writing with a personal lens has strengthened my convictions to nourish myself well this time around - something I gave only fleeting attention to after my first babe arrived.

One of my major take home lessons from developing our Postpartum Program that food choices really do make a difference for healing, regaining your strength and, if breastfeeding, making sure that little nugget gets well nourished.

You can speed up your recovery and boost energy levels.

We can’t make your baby sleep through the night, but we can help you take the driver’s seat of your postpartum experience.

Keeping it real

I had fantasies of laying out an exact plan for how many breakfasts, lunches, dinners & snacks to keep me fueled for a month postpartum. Between my career, chasing an 18-month old, pregnancy-induced exhaustion and an overwhelming number of healthcare visits, fantasy quickly fell way to reality.

For me, it’s been too hard to get my mind around exactly what I’ll need food-wise. Family will be coming to town — will they cook or will I need to figure out meals for them? Will I have energy and free hands to cook? The list of unknowns is too long to keep going. However, I did follow some loose guidelines while filling my freezer that I hope are helpful to you as well.

If you want more structure and guidance, including recipes, our Postpartum Nutrition Plan provides just that.

Tips for preparing Healthy Postpartum Freezer Meals

Note: I shared a similar post during my first pregnancy. The below list is a modified, seriously simplified version, including the tips I think are most helpful having gone through this twice.

  1. Focus on one-handed eats.

    You’ve heard this one before, but it still gets first place on this list. Even with baby-wearing, it’s hard to use a knife & fork, at the same time. Plan for nourishing noshes that you can hold with one hand. Favorites include:

  2. Make more than you think you’ll need

    Remember those in-laws coming to visit? Family is not handed instruction manuals on proper etiquette for visiting new mamas and don’t always cook, so you may have to share. Also, it’s likely you’ll be crazy hungry - you’re still growing another human! So plan to fuel-up.

  3. Focus on soups (with bone broth)

    Bone broth is our favorite postpartum superfood because it provides collagen protein for healing and improving skin elasticity, plus hydrating electrolytes. You can sip bone broth as is, or add some veggies & protein for a simple soup. Recipe for bone broth and more about the health benefits in our Postpartum Program.

  4. Skip the avocado and salad greens

    I didn’t say skip the greens - just choose heartier varieties like kale or spinach- delicate lettuces turn to slime. Similarly, the texture of avocado after freezing and de-thawing leaves a lot to be desired. After babe arrives, recruit help to go shopping for you and help you keep fresh ingredients on hand.

  5. Freeze Small portions.

    Separate batches of soups, lasagnas, etc. into single size portions for freezing. Ziplock baggies work great for this. This way you can de-thaw just as much as you want/need.

  6. Keep it simple.

    Yes, nutrition is super important. But, at the end of the day, the biggest challenge facing new mamas is remembering to eat and drink at all. It’s better to get more foods in the freezer than to make complex, time-consuming recipes.

As of writing this blog, here’s what you’ll find in my freezer. I plan to keep going freezing leftovers until baby arrives.

  1. White-Bean Chile Verde Enchiladas (recipe coming soon)

  2. Super simple chicken, vegetable & rice soup (I bought a rotisserie chicken, used the meat for the soup and the bones to make broth).

  3. Breakfast Burritos

  4. Cinnamon-Sweet Potato Beef Stew

  5. Butternut Squash Lasagna

  6. Salmon Cakes

For more recipe inspiration & ‘how tos’ for speedy recovery, we’ve got it all for you in our new Postpartum Program!

  • If you’re expecting, get it now to read in advance of baby’s arrival.

  • If you’re already a mama, this Program includes nutrition guidance from the 4th trimester through the first year postpartum.



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