Does Your Baby Have a Healthy Gut? 3 Easy Questions Can Help You Find Out.

Nothing I read, or heard, could have prepared me for how ‘full on’ motherhood is. I can hardly remember what life was like 7 weeks ago. Now I’m navigating everything from breastfeeding to baby wearing to mom’s groups. To every mom out there—RESPECT. I bow down to you. This gig is hard. Like, really hard. Just when you think you have something figured out, it switches up on you the next day. If only Max could tell me what he needs! Deciphering why he is crying is a challenge. Is he tired? Hungry? Maybe he needs to burp or poop. When I figure it out, we are both much happier! One constant that I do NOT worry about is whether or not his tummy hurts. I know his gut is healthy because I was lucky enough to be looped in on the research for Evivo baby probiotic.

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Max was breech, so we knew prior to birth that he would likely be born via c-section. I have to tell you, this really hit me hard. As a Registered Dietitian, committed to all things healthy for mom and baby, I know how important it is for mom to pass her beneficial gut bacteria to her newborn. I also know that babies born via c-section don’t acquire this “good bacteria” from mom, putting them at higher risk for developing conditions such as colic, allergies, diabetes, eczema and obesity.

Thankfully, over a decade of research and clinical trials from UC Davis found a solution to restore beneficial gut bacteria to babies who don’t acquire it naturally. As a result of this ground-breaking research, Evivo baby probiotic is now available to newborns—giving us new mom’s one less thing to worry about.

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In fact, a c-section delivery is not the only factor putting babies at risk for an unhealthy gut. While only 1 in 3 deliveries in the US are cesarean, 9 out of 10 babies born in the US have a low functioning gut microbiome due to the lack of good bacteria.

So why is this, and how can you determine if your baby might be missing the key beneficial bacteria?

Decades of antibiotic use and the rise of c-section deliveries means that fewer and fewer babies are naturally acquiring the critical strain of bacteria, B. infantis, required for a healthy infant gut. Several courses of antibiotics taken by your mother likely meant she no longer had B. infantis to pass along to you. In turn, you never had it to transfer to your baby, even if your delivery was vaginal and you never used antibiotics yourself.

If this all sounds very complicated, don’t worry! There is an easy way to find out if your baby has a healthy gut. Take this 3-question Baby Gut Check. In less than 5 minutes you will have a better idea if your little one might be missing the good bacteria, B. infantis.

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The first 6 months of life are important for immune and metabolic development. Too much bad bacteria during this critical early window can disrupt immunity and metabolism, leading to health risks down the road. For those of us that are deep in the trenches of life with a newborn, and can hardly see past the next diaper change, there are also immediate consequences of a low functioning microbiome.

If your baby is fussy, gassy, has diaper rash or more than 5 watery poops per day, restoring beneficial bacteria, B. infantis, to baby’s gut can be a huge help right now, not just in the future. Evivo is the only clinically proven baby probiotic that contains the right strain of B. infantis to repopulate baby’s gut, ensure proper function and help the developing immune system and metabolism.

Being a new mama is hard enough as it is. I am right there with you figuring out who I am within the context of motherhood and juggling life with a new miniature sidekick. Anything that helps make this parenting thing easier, I’m all in. Getting tummy troubles sorted out will make life with baby a whole lot happier.

If you can only do one thing today, take the Baby Gut Check.

As always, reach out via comments or contact us with questions. I love trouble shooting with other moms and typically learn a thing or two myself!

Even in the toughest of times, remember mama, you were made for this!



**This post was sponsored by Evivo. All opinions are my own.

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