Two Simple Steps to Get a Postpartum Body You Love

Healthy diet to lose the baby weight

Hey you,

Notice that the title of this post is not, “How to Lose Weight after Baby” or “How to Get Your Body Back”. Riding the wave of the body-positive movement, we at Alavita are not focused on weight loss.

Why not? Because we want more for you than just “skinny”.

There is no number on the scale powerful enough to make you happy… or healthy.

Just ask any thin woman you know if she’s ever frowned at her image in the mirror or felt guilty for over eating- we all have our struggles.

With this understanding, we also support women who want to feel good and look good.

There’s no shame in taking care of your body or wanting to feel confident in your own skin.

Especially after having a baby! Pregnancy can feel like a year or more of handing over your body to whatever crazy cravings and cankles come your way. After baby arrives (or more realistically, after the 4th tri) it’s totally understandable to want to feel like yourself again.

So, how do you shed the pesky baby weight in a healthy, sane, energizing way?!? It takes a mindset shift.

Well, first, comes fueling yourself with real food, in a satisfying balance. If under-nourished, you can’t think clearly and efforts to shift your mindset feels like swimming upstream.

Dive into our recommendations for what and when to eat in our Postpartum Program (it’s a quick, easy download).

Also see How to Manage Hunger and Sugar Cravings while Breastfeeding.

Healthy way to lose baby weight

If you’re eager to shed some Pounds, we honor that goal—

AND we challenge you to go deeper.

Here’s How:

  1. Replace ‘weight loss’ with ‘feeling good’.

    When you dig a little deeper, the real reason you want to lose weight is to feel good. You want to have fun in the sun- in a swimsuit- without fretting about how you look. You want to simply eat yummy food without an internal tug of war. You want to look in the mirror and think, “hey, sexy thing ;)"

    The catch about weight loss as a goal, is that it’s ultimately de-motivating.

    The very premise of weight loss as a goal implies that there’s something wrong with you. It sets up a self-perpetuating, downward spiral of under-eating and/or over-exercising. Both of these behaviors only backfire by slowing down your metabolism, draining your energy and taking the fun out of life.

    On the flip side, if you set the goal as ‘feeling good’, then there’s no assumption that there’s something wrong with the way you look, or that you have no self-control, or any of those other self-deprecating thoughts.

    Instead, it’s about learning to truly believe that you deserve to feel your best.

    It is impossible to take good care of something you hate. The more you appreciate your body as it is, the easier it is to want to take care of it - to feed it well, to let it rest when needed and to move in a way that feels good.

    Try it on for size.

    Every time you look at yourself and think “I need to lose weight,” stop yourself and replace that thought with, “I want to feel good.” If “feel good” doesn’t resonate with you, replace it with a phrase that does like,

    • I want to feel strong and confident”; or

    • I’m ready to fully enjoy my body and my life”'; or

    • I want to feel like a badass”.

2. Replace ‘can’t’ and “should’ with ‘I Choose

Weight loss goals frequently fail, or the weight creeps back, because of the deprivation mindset.

When you tell yourself, “I can’t have that ”, “I shouldn’t eat”, or “I should go workout”… you’re making your health goal the bad guy; you’re saying that weight loss comes at a cost and that you have to sacrifice everything good and fun.

It should be no surprise that this does not work. If you’re miserable, of course, you lose the will power to stick with it - you’re tired, busy and need a quick treat for some momentary relief.

Imagine swapping the “cant’s” and “shoulds” with an empowering choice. Something like this:

  • I choose not to eat fill in the blank because I’d rather feel good;

  • I choose to eat healthy food because I like feeling strong & confident;

  • I choose to get out of bed early to exercise because it makes me feel like a badass.

Think of taking care of your health as the ultimate indulgence. You don’t need to deprive yourself to feel satisfied and enjoy your life.

You were made for this!



PS We recognize that this journey is different for everyone. Our purpose is to empower you to prioritize self-care, whatever that looks like for you. You do you, with your head held high.

As always, we welcome questions and comments in the box below or email