3 Simple Ways to Prep, Plan and Save on Your Pregnancy Journey

Photo Credit:   Pixabay

Photo Credit: Pixabay

We’re so excited to share with you a guest post by Emily Graham, creator of Mighty Moms.

The journey to parenthood looks different for everyone. What most parents have in common, however, is a desire to save money while preparing for the role of a lifetime. Here are some tips and tricks to save on essentials, celebrations, and so much more.

1. Pre-and Post-Pregnancy self-care on a Budget

Proper nutrition and self-care is crucial during pregnancy, as well as before conceiving. This is especially true for hopeful parents who are dealing with the stress of fertility issues. No matter where you are in your journey, taking care of yourself needs to be a top priority. Luckily for parents on a budget, free self-care practices can be the most effective, such as connecting with friends, hydrating, and tuning into your body. For grocery savings, Gracious Pantry offers these strategies to make clean eating affordable.  

2. Celebrate Milestones While Saving Money

It’s only natural for expectant and new moms to want to celebrate and share their journey with friends and family. According to Babygaga, one of the most recent trends for pregnancy is throwing a gender reveal. This can be such an adorable way to spread some joy and create a cute social media post, but you don’t need to go over budget to make your reveal special. 

Kindred Bravely explains that you can get creative with your gender reveal for a unique and memorable moment that won’t cost you a small fortune. Instead of going over the top with a lavish announcement, try a stylish social media photoshoot or wear a glam statement tee announcing your baby’s gender. Saving money on your gender reveal will give you more funds for a budget-friendly babymoon.

how to save money while preparing to have a baby

3. Adjust Your Routines Without Overspending

By now, you know that your routines will change with the arrival of a baby. Thankfully, you can manage changes without seriously stressing your budget. For example, you can keep your home from feeling too cluttered with these organizing products and ideas. Pick up some soft-sided baskets and bins to store any toys, blankets, or changing supplies, and look for shelves to add storage to smaller spaces.

Instead of relying on a pricey gym membership you may not have time to use, try working out at home during nap times or go for a run with your baby in a stroller. You can also use these savvy workout tips to stay active and maintain your mood, energy, and health.

You can prepare for, celebrate, and enjoy each and every milestone in your pregnancy journey and save money if you take the time to plan ahead. Thinking ahead about your needs and wants will help keep costs low and make this parenthood experience more enjoyable.

Author, Emily Graham, believes being a mom is one of the hardest jobs around and wanted to create a support system for moms from all walks of life. Mighty Moms offers a wide range of info tailored for busy moms -- from how to reduce stress to creative ways to spend time together as a family.

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