Expecting Healthy Pregnancy Program

Expecting Healthy Pregnancy Program


Feel your best while you grow that bump.

You learn:

  • How to balance carbs, proteins and fats to boost energy & mood;

  • How to optimize nutrient intake for both you and baby-to-be;

  • How to naturally manage symptoms with real food – think nausea, fatigue, heartburn and constipation; and

  • The real deal on risky foods, exercise, alcohol and caffeine.

We then give you the structure needed to make it happen.

For each trimester, you get two weeks of meal plans with recipes and grocery shopping lists.

That is 6-weeks of delicious, nourishing food that you don’t have to think about. We already did all the work for you!

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You are pregnant! Now what? Questions will immediately start coming up about what you can and can’t eat, how to manage symptoms and what a healthy rate of weight gain looks like. We will walk you through all of this in our Pregnancy Online Program.

  • 6 weeks of recipes designed to nourish you through each trimester

  • How to balance macronutrients to support a healthy pregnancy

  • Eating balanced meals for a healthy rate of weight gain

  • Myth busting some of the rules regarding food and beverages

  • Managing symptoms like nausea, fatigue, etc.