Simple Herb Salad

We love using fresh herbs in our kitchen. Not only do they make everything taste amazing, they are choc full of nutrients to help support you through your child bearing years.

I used to skip buying herbs because I didn’t think I’d use them all up. In an effort not to waste, I was missing out on all that extra flavor (like cilantro on top of chili or basil in a veggie hummus wrap). Now I have a solution for any leftover herbs that are lingering in my fridge at the end of the week. This template allows you to throw whatever you have into one big delicious salad to clean out that fridge.

easy herb salad with lemon turmeric dressing

Simple Herb Salad


  • 2 cups herbs (cilantro, parsley, basil, mint, green onion, etc)

  • 1 cup greens (kale, spinach, arugula, etc)

  • 1 can beans, drained and rinsed (garbanzo or white beans are my favorite)

  • 1/4 cup nuts, chopped (my go-to is walnuts)

  • Primal Kitchen Lemon Turmeric Avocado Oil dressing to taste (or your favorite dressing)


  1. Mix together all ingredients and toss.

  2. Have extra grains or cheese on hand? Throw that in too! The more the merrier.