what women are saying




“I was about a year postpartum after my fourth pregnancy and I was depleted, carrying stubborn baby weight, and just really unhappy overall with my energy.

I had lofty goals: extended breastfeeding support, half marathon training, and just trying to fuel myself through the day as a stay at home mom to four kids 7 and under.

Anna hand held me through the first few weeks of my nutrition plan, which was truly radical for me - eating more calories, no restriction, eating for nourishment and fuel, as well as for pleasure. As a heavy dieter over the last decade, I truly couldn’t wrap my head around this. But I put all my trust in Anna and I truly started to feel better.

She was available through email and monthly teleconference check ins during my kids naps - could not be more convenient!

I saw improvement in my energy, started running more efficiently, and met my breastfeeding goals. My perspective shifted away from weight loss as I started feeling better - Anna is wonderful at meeting you where you are at and supporting you through the unique changes that a woman’s body goes through postpartum. And she does it all in a way that encourages self love (she’s often call me a rock star, which made my day) and helped me be kinder to myself.

I’m into data and evidence based research though, so despite feeling good I wanted to see what my blood-work looked like three months into working with Alavita. In January, when I first engaged her, you could see the depletion all over my labs. Come March my iron levels were high for the first time in years and much of my micronutrient deficiencies had resolved.

I’ve also slowly chipped away at seven pounds of baby weight without the restriction I’d encountered with diets before.

I’ve run two half marathons in the last three months that were great, along with several races. With Anna’s help, I addressed everything I had been worried about. Alavita stands for nourishing mothers, where ever they are in their journey. You’d think my fourth time being postpartum I would have it together, but nope! I think often how better off I’d be had I gotten the benefit of their services earlier on. I’m so thankful for Alavita, and as you can would highly recommend them. They are the absolute best.”


"I am a new Mom and am so fortunate to have found Alavita! I first met with Anna when my daughter was about 2 months old. I was really struggling to keep up the pace and heal from my c-section. Anna helped to provide me with a nutrition plan personalized to me and all the additional info I needed to have some energy again! She also helped guide me into the right supplements for my specific situation and give me some facts to hang on to while navigating all the competing info that is out there for new Mom's. I feel like both my daughter and myself are so much healthier from working with Alavita."


"This has been amazing for me! It has really shed some light on some imbalances in my nutrition, my energy level and how to eat everything again. I feel amazing! I have gotten many comments about how my skin looks so clear and even. I have 2 active boys in sports and music so our days are super busy. This has completely simplified mealtime in the healthiest way. I've lost 5 pounds and have felt deeply nourished and satisfied every day."  


“This has changed the energy I have for my day AND lessened stress in my life knowing that I'm living in line with my commitment to health.  I can't thank you enough for the jump start back to healthy eating that I can manage with my new life as a mama! I'm raving about your blog and sharing with my friends and family!"

"I am preparing for pregnancy and am so glad I worked with Alavita! I was so excited to work with Alavita via the online program since I live in a different state. Anna created a nutrition plan that is both easy to follow and tailored specifically for me. Anna also helped me revamp my vitamin and supplement regimen to ensure I am getting the nutrients my body needs. I'm much more knowledgeable and feel well equipped to care for my body as I embark on this new journey - I wholeheartedly recommend working with Alavita."



"Thank you so much for all of the information, guidance, personalized service and support over the last month.  This was EXACTLY what I needed, and it was so much fun working with you.  I loved all the information in the guidebooks and handouts, as well as from our conversations and most of all the food journal feedback and your answers to all my email questions.  I have and will continue to look back at those for reference and as reminders.  I'm so happy that I now truly know what a healthy, balanced meal looks like for me, and I love having the confidence and self control to know that mixing in treats or less than perfect meals here and there is perfectly fine, and I don't need to beat myself up about it.”